Health promotion in a redundancy process  

Get social actors to take into account health promotion during – and at the end of restructuring management processes implies that organisations integrate restructuring processes as a “normal” fact in the development of their company; the acceptance of the process, a necessary prerequisite for health promotion, will then be made easier.

Working groups have includes in their report initiatives for health promotion, such as:
- Initiatives of readjustment for the improvement of sick employees reintegration chances;
- Working groups to increase the consideration of health in order to reduce the stress and the health problems related to a lay-off;
- New methods of anticipation, (access to evaluation and follow-up measures of the health and stress of the staff) to allow comparisons between normal working conditions and restructuring periods
- the social and consultancy support within the framework of a redeployment process
- the follow-up and the consideration of health aiming at decreasing the stress in post-dismissal periods.

The concern of trade union organisations and works councils is to avoid the risk of health issues medicalisation and individualisation.

  A stake at the European level
In terms of policies to carry out, to go beyond the status quo of organisational approaches and approaches aiming at involving social actors.
Steps and recommendations:
- as a first step, modification of the current management practices allowing the integration of more health initiatives in a complete restructuring process
- in the second time, the certification and the standardization of currently available training programmes would be an element of the modification of organisational practices
- a suitable legislation having to support the certification and standardization efforts
- So that these recommendations can be effective, new efforts of research must be undertaken.