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Capitalising on innovative restructuring processes in order to draw the conditions necessary for their emergence and implementation; establishing if and how they can be translated in other contexts. More specifically, the aim is to benefit from exchanges between five countries which have complementarities in their restructuring approaches and their situations, in order to:

1. Define the innovation processes and social innovations necessary to ensure that restructuring management takes into account the three dimensions concerned: impacts on the professional life and health of workers, the balance and development of territories and the operation and performance of companies.

2. Define the conditions of multi-actor management of restructuring processes by organizing, on the basis of an inventory of the usual frameworks and practices in the countries concerned by the action, common exchanges and brainstorming among all the actors concerned by restructuring, at local or national level, and by comparing points of view that are sometimes very different or even contradictory, in order to identify and obtain innovative practices (national benchmarking and common learning at national level).

3. Enrich existing national practices by examining innovative practices from other countries and their conditions of adaptation to different legal and social contexts, through the organisation of exchanges and common thinking between all actors concerned by restructuring at trans and multi-national levels.

4. Define, for the part that can be produced at present:
-national codes of conduct for the multi-actor management of restructurings (definition of the stages of an integrated process for the management of restructurings and the associated practices, systems, methods and tools);
-recommendations for the production of such a code at the international level;
-systems for monitoring and evaluation (costs, results, efficiency) of restructuring processes.

5. Installation of national and international multi-actor capitalisation platforms for exchanges and learning on the basis of the observation of the restructuring processes themselves along with an indication of the conditions necessary for their long-term future.